Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Ba-ack!

In 2007 you probably heard about the hyperlocal Pasadena, California website which hired Indian writers to report on its local news.  (See bit.ly/PAo6uh )

That was my website and that was my idea. I am James Macpherson of www.PasadenaNow.com.

In spite of the clobbering in the media I took for the idea then -- and in spite of the Journatic debacle now --  the truth remains that some form of editorial outsourcing IS coming to newsrooms near you, and probably soon.

The idea is so powerful it should be explored and discussed, not simply rebuked.

Outsourcing certain parts of the content production process can be a "great equalizer" which empowers small hyperlocal websites to do heavy lifting like their major print competitors.

It's time to discuss outsourcing intelligently and calmly -- and I have a lot to say about it that will help the hyperlocals.

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